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Meditation in the forest and Geda Falls on Iriomote Island

As part of a special self-study program, I went to Iriomote Island, the second largest island in Okinawa.

The forest begins in the north of the island, close to the sea on the Gedda River.

We weave through the dense trees that are unique to Iriomote and go deeper into the mountains. The air is pristine, and our bodies are inevitably bathed in the power of nature, relaxing us.

Enter the stream and choose rounded rocks to climb up the river.

After about an hour, you will come across the first waterfall.

Breathe in the fresh air from the ozone-filled waterfall and refresh your mind and body.

Finally, you climb the rocks to reach the third level, the top floor. You can sit on the hard rocks and look out at the ocean. You can also meditate with the three-tiered waterfall behind you, and the alpha waves will capture your mind in no time.

Become one with nature.

I quickly moved from the clinical meditation technique of "relaxing meditation" to "raising meditation," and my mind and body were greatly healed.

Outside of Hida, there are also meditation training sessions in sacred sites.


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