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paper(Oshita Daien paper)

  • Research on religious care for terminally ill patients, March 1999, Gifu University Faculty of Education research report

  • Considerations on spiritual care for terminally ill patients May 1999 Japan Hospice Home Care Study Group

  • Research on psychological care for terminally ill patients using music November 2000 Japanese Society of Clinical Music Therapy

  • Clinical death and spiritual care November 2000 Japanese Society for Human Welfare

  • Spiritual Care Text 1, 2 June 2003 Japan Hospice Home Care Study Group

  • Introduction of Esoteric Buddhism Welfare to Medical and Welfare Fields March 2003 Esoteric Buddhism Academic Bulletin No. 41

  • The forefront of spiritual care practice in the community August 2003 Public Health No. 68

  • Soul Support - Buddhism and Spiritual Care, April 2005 Chunichi Shimbun Sunday Edition "Page of the Heart"

  • Spiritual Care Volumes 1-3 June 2005 Japan Hospice Home Care Study Group

  • Spiritual care that heals and soothes June 2005 Palliative care vol-15 no 5

  • Spiritual care assessment

  • Summary Sheet May 2007 Wakayama Medical University COAM Model Work Team

  • Death for the Japanese October 2007 Emergency Care Vol. 20 No. 10

  • Nursing and Spiritual Care November 2007 Nursing Journal (Igaku Shoin) Volume 71 No. 11

  • Aiming for spiritual care for families December 2007 Kidney and Dialysis Vol. 63 No. 6

  • Mental Care in Medical Care - Spiritual Care May 2008 Mutual Aid Medical Bulletin Vol. 57 No. 2

  • Spiritual Care in Buddhism June 2009 Medicine History Vol. 229 No. 12 1147-1148

  • Enku and Mt. Kasagatake July 2010 Yama to Keikokusha No. 12nov10

  • Views of life underlying the deep consciousness of Japanese people September 2010 Nursing Diagnosis Volume 17 No. 1

  • Spiritual care that connects religion and medicine December 2011 Journal of the Japan Society of Health Communication

  • Spiritual care through prayer that connects religion and medical care in disaster-stricken areas July 2012 HOLISTIC,News Letter Vol.83

  • A Buddhist-based meditation practice for care and healing: An introduction and application December 2012 International Journal of Nursing Practic(2013)19(Suppl.2), 15-23

  • Everyday life and clinical religion April 2013 Palliative care vol.23

  • Japanese people's view of life and Buddhist music therapy June 2014 Journal of the Japanese Society of Music Therapy, Vol. 13, No. 1, 17-24

  • A life connected to the meaning of life, May 2014 Abstracts of the Japanese Society of Critical Nursing

  • Dharma talk and meditation practice in Kawauchi Village, Fukushima September 2014 Abstracts from the Japanese Society for Religious Studies

  • Light and shadow revealed through mental care activities in disaster-stricken areas June 2015 Emergency Cere Vol,28,NO7.

  • Effects of Breathing-Based Meditation on Earthquake-Affected Health Professionals May/June 2017 Holistic Nursing Practice: -Volume 31 – Issue 3 – p 177–182, Miho Iwakuma, PhD .Rev.DaienOshita.Akihiro Yamamoto,PhD.Yuka Urushibara- Miyachi, MD

  • Psychological effects of short-term meditation training for workers at a machine manufacturing company - A study using JUMACL and SOC September 2020 Journal of the Japanese Society of Spiritual Care, 2019Akihiro Yamamoto 1 Daien Oshita 2 Kosuke Kawamura 3

books(Written by Daien Oshita)

At regular price, you can purchase it on sites such as Amazon.

  • clinical meditation method(Japan Nursing Association Press / 2016)

  • meditation power(Nippon Hyoronsha / 2019)

  • meditation therapy(Igaku Shoin / 2011)

  • Introduction to Sokushinbutsu Kanpo(Aoyamasha / 2021)

  • Esoteric Buddhism - Techniques for living in great comfort(Nippon Hyoronsha / 2016)

  • Three Habits Change Me(Japan Nursing Association Publishing Association / 2018)

  • Kukai's meditation method(Makino Publishing / 2017)

  • Practical spiritual care(Japan Nursing Association Press / 2014)

  • live well(Nippon Hyoronsha / 2012)

  • Don't worry anymore - to live peacefully now(Kosei Publishing / 2011)

  • Spiritual care that heals and heals ~ The spirit of Buddhism applied to medical care, welfare, and education(Igaku Shoin)

  • Living a carefree life ~Recommendation 33 of spiritual Buddhism~(Kodansha and others)

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