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Meditation at Senko-ji Temple is held in Vazara Hall and the International Peace Meditation Center, as well as outside or in the hall within the temple grounds as needed. The meditation that you can experience at our temple is a step-by-step meditation skill that integrates ancient meditation and modern medicine, and you will aim to acquire a certain level of meditation skills by practicing meditation theory and practice within a set time. You can experience part of the short-term experience. There are also menus that you can do even if you are unable to bend and straighten your legs or sit for long periods of time. Please contact us individually regarding training for groups, companies, and schools.

short term

1 / Shortest (2 hours) 5,500 yen (tax included)

You will experience relaxation using breathing techniques and a very simple meditation.

2 / Half day (3 hours) 6,600 yen (tax included)

Experience basic meditation, focusing on simple theory and practice.

3 / All day (within 6 hours) 9,900 yen (tax included)

You will experience several forms of meditation, combining theory and practice.

*If there are fewer than 5 people, a separate individual instruction fee of 5,500 yen (tax included) may be required.

long term

Sessions for the leader education course of the Clinical meditation

We, the institute of clinical meditation, have sessions for the leader education course of the Clinical meditation ten times a year in World Harmony Meditation Center in Hida-Senkouji.

You can learn and practice the Clinical meditation by participating to these sessions there.


There are ① Basic course, ②Advanced course, ③Training for leader of the Clinical meditation course (for twelve hours in one night and two days each) . We have sessions in Hida-Senkouji, Tokyo site, Nagoya site, Kobe and other site.


You can take the evidence of “The leader education course of the Clinical meditation completion” from the institute of clinical meditation after you attend lectures for the total thirty-six hours above.

The goals of the sessions

① To learn the Clinical meditation for yourself

② To consider your view of life and death in the case of care of yourself and others

③ To learn spiritual care for helping yourself and others

④ To broaden your inner worldview due to watching and penetrating into yourself

⑤ To learn the method of teaching the Clinical meditation for others

Contents of the session

You learn “the meditation for your own skill up” and “practical approach of the Clinical meditation in medical settings” in three steps.

① Basic course: 12 hours

To learn the basic theory and practice of “Relaxation meditation” and “Observation meditation”

② Advanced course: 12 hours

To learn the advanced theory and practice of “Energizing meditation” and “Unifying meditation”

③ Training for leader of the Clinical meditation course: 12 hours

To learn the theory and practice of the methods of instruction of the Clinical meditation for the personal education and the group education

Venue of the sessions

Hida Senkoji Temple

Hida-Senkouji was the place of prayer of ancient religion founded by Ryoumen-sukuna 両面宿儺 who was the head of the powerful family in Hida 1600 years ago in Nintoku emperor era. Shinnyohoushinnoh who was one of the ten great disciples of Kouboudaishi established the temple 1200 years ago. Hida-Senkouji is an esoteric temple belonging to Kouyasan-Shingonsyu and inherits an ancient training of Mountain Buddhism. Recently, it becomes famous for the temple of “Statues of Buddha by Enku 円空who was the sculptor of Buddhist statues in Edo ere”well.

There is “Enkubutsu-Jihoukan” (the house of heirloom of Statues of Buddha by Enku) in the ground of the temple which is located in the mountain 1600 meters above sea level. There are sixty-four statues by Enku and temple’s heirlooms there. There are developed eightyeight sites circuit for pilgrimage surrounding the ground of the temple. You can enjoy the 1200 years old Japan cider which has five trunks from a single root (Gohonsugi) of a national natural treasure and some places of prayer (e.g. Atagosyachinjudou) walking on the

circuit. The whole mountain is the subject of faith.

Please visit Hida-Senkouji relaxedly and feel energy of the mountain, air and vitality of trees.


Clinical meditation method  Osaka venue

LeaderHiroyuko Asada

(Asada KuDr. Linnick)


Date and time


Saturday, April 13th 10am - 6pm

Sunday, April 14th 9:00pm - 5:00pm


Asada Clinic 3rd floor 2-4-1 Azuchicho, Chuo-ku, Osaka


Fixed number of members  10 people

★Repeat participants can only participate on the first day.

(Even if you have not completed the basic course, those who have taken the basic one-day training elsewhere can participate only on the second day)

Receiving   Lecture  Fee

22,000 yen (2 days)(19,800 yen for repeat students)

(If you need a receipt, please let us know on the day)

Participation in this area is

Please contact the person in charge directly


Asada Clinic

tel  06(6264)2408


Clinical meditation method Tamba venue

LeaderKazuko Ueno

(“KAZU” Human Vital Support)


Date and time

The schedule for the basic edition of clinical meditation in Tanba City in 2020 is as follows:

1st April 20th (Sat)~21st (Sun)

2nd May 25th (Sat) - 26th (Sun)

3rd June 22nd (Sat) - 23rd (Sun)

4th July 27th (Sat) - 28th (Sun)

5th September 28th (Sat) - 29th (Sun)

6th October 26th (Sat) - 27th (Sun)

All events will be held six times on Saturdays and Sundays.

1st day/10:00-17:00, 2nd day/9:00-16:00

Meeting place  Facilities in Tamba City

Fixed number of members  10 people

Receiving   Lecture   Fee  22,000 yen (2 days(19,800 yen for repeat students)

Participation in this area is

Please contact the person in charge directly




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