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I have repeatedly practiced this method for medical doctors, nurses and other health care workers for about ten years to apply various clinical aspects of lives so far. Recently, we earned the Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for research of “The practice of meditation for dementia patients and their family members” and “The usage of meditation for office workers to lower stress” and we could provide physiologic and clinical evidence.

The Clinical meditation consists of four methods


Loosen meditation aims at relaxing the mind and body, and concentration. The first method of relaxation is to harmonize your intentional breathing with the rhythm of your body.


"Observation meditation" (watching / insight) is for watching and penetrating insight. Concentration improved by sufficient relaxation lets you observe yourself and others in good spirits.


“Energizing Meditation” (creation / reverence) is an intentional consciousness to enhance the functions of the mind and body through meditation. This style of meditation refers to being conscious of our whole body and our five senses while improving its overall functions.


“Unifying Meditation” (integration / unifying) can occur in conjunction with Energizing Meditation. It is difficult to divide them strictly because unifying meditation condition occurs in executing energizing meditation. Energizing meditation aimed at enhancing our physical functions, followed heightening spiritual status, consequently aware of unifying grows.


International Peace Meditation Center
(Kongodo/Vazara Hall)

Our center is located in the Kongo-do Hall within the precincts of Senko-ji Temple, which was built in 2019, and provides opportunities for everyone who visits to experience a time of healing and peace of mind through activities centered on meditation, prayer, and counseling. We offer Additionally, the attached ``Clinical Meditation Education Research Institute'' and ``Vazara Life Care Room'' each conduct meditation education research and counseling care.

Counseling/meditation guidance staff


Daien Oshita

Elder Senkoji, Director of the Clinical Meditation Education Institute, Certified Spiritual Care Worker

Chisen Koshiyama

Nurse, nun, certified spiritual care practitioner, certified spiritual care worker

Mami Oshita

Chief Priest of Senkoji Temple, Clinical Psychologist, Certified Psychologist​, School Counselor

About the Clinical Meditation Education Institute

Research and training that contributes to the needs for health creation, based on recent medical empirical research, without being particular about the propagation or doctrine of a specific religion, while integrating meditation practices of traditional Buddhism and esoteric Buddhism. , we are conducting instructor training.

Director  Daien Oshita

Secretariat  Tomoko Koshiyama

Secretariat  Tomoko Koshiyama

Management advisor

・Keiichi Terashima

(neurosurgeryPhysician, Vice President of Bazara Sangha Association, Clinical Meditation Techniqueinstructor)

・Madashi Yamazoe

(Shinwa Women's University(Former university president, clinical psychologist, chairman of the NPO Japan Spiritual Care Workers Association)

・Takashi Hosaka

(Psychiatrist, clinical meditation instructor)

・Yuki Tamura

(Palliative Care Physician, NPSimonton Therapy Association Certified Trainer, Clinical Meditation Instructor)

・Kanako Ito

(Director of Cocokara Clinic, Obstetrician and Gynecologist)

・Yoshishige Okuno

(Internal medicine, radiology,Certified spiritual care worker, clinical meditation instructor)

・Toru Kajiyama

(Kansai Electric Power Hospital Palliative CareDoctor, clinical meditation instructor)

・Hiroko Asada

(Asada Clinic Vice Director, Industrial Physician, Clinical Meditation Method Completion Certification, Clinical Meditation Method Instructor)

・Kaoru Hattori

(Director of Hattori Clinic, Internal Medicine, A.W.Dr. Ile's integrative medicine program trainingRyo, clinical meditation instructor)


・Ryutaro Ikeuchi

(Industrial Physician, Shrine Shintoist)Priest, clinical religious teacher, clinical meditation instructor)


・Kayoko Momose

(Momose Clinic Director, Clinical Meditation Instructor)

・Masaya Hironishi

(Neurologist, Professor at Wakayama Medical University/Director of Kihoku Hospital, Clinical Meditation Instructor)

・Etsuyo Nishigaki

(Psychologist, Professor, Department of Psychology, Kansai Medical University School of Medicine, Clinical Meditation Instructor)

・Akaku Yano

(Shingon Buddhist monk, IT-related administrator, clinical meditation instructor)

・Keiko Miyamoto

(Technical assistant at the Institute of Industrial Science, Osaka University, researcher at Terra Project, clinical meditation instructor)

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